Caravan Bar for hire in Otago, New zealand


Who provides refreshments?

As the Oxford St Caravan Bar is BYO & doesn’t have a licence to sell alcohol it is up to you to provide refreshments for your guests. This means no liquor licensing so you save $$ by buying your drinks direct.

We will provide water, juice/ non-alcoholic punch, all the ice needed to keep your beverages cold and limited paper cups (on request).

We can also offer lots of advice on your purchasing your alcohol, we’ve got great tips!!

How do we keep drinks chilled?

The Oxford St Caravan Bar has a large sink which we fill with ice and keep drinks chilled whilst on display- it looks great full of your delicious bubbles and wines. We have multiple beverage ice tubs to keep your beers ice cold and multiple chilly bins which we keep out of sight.

A chiller trailer is always a great help for larger parties and some liquor stores have a complimentary chiller trailer or one available to hire.

What drinks can we serve?

Bottled beer & cider, wine, champagne, soft drinks, water, juice, and punch. We also serve mulled wine (with a power supply). Some of our clients even have a cocktail hour(or two) which is a blast, so lets us know your signature cocktail to make your night even more special and tailored to you.

Note: the service is from the caravan only, table service will be an additional charge.

Who provides glassware?

The Oxford St Caravan Bar has limited glassware (champagne glasses, mismatched vintage wine glasses, and water glasses), however, we can help you to organise hire of any additional glassware you may require. Guests are encouraged to reuse glasses so water usage is minimal & we suggest beer/cider is served in the bottle.

What do our staff do?

Our awesome staff will bring the Oxford St Caravan Bar to your venue, set up and be ready to serve your guests prior to your start time. At the conclusion of service, they will pack up and take away any Caravan Bar related rubbish. Let us know if you have any specific requests for caravan styling.

Do we need power?

Power is always great to have but we don’t require power to function, however, if you want to use our awesome XO neon lights we will require a power supply.

Where can we party?

The caravan requires 5m x 2.5m flat hard ground and access for us to park ourselves.

We can go to most locations, however, you are required to seek permission from the venue or landowners & obtain any relevant council permissions or permits. All licences required by your venue must be obtained by you, we can assist if you need but please check with your venue if you are unsure.